Bernie’s Hypocrisy and Odd F1 Cars

It was revealed in a recent letter that the proposed GP in Rome will most likely never happen. This is due to F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone stating that one race per country is enough and that the Monza circuit would have precedence over Rome in the new 20 race schedule. However, as I look over the calendar, I notice that there is a country with two Grands Prix in it currently. Spain. They have both the Spanish GP and the European GP. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have been constantly berating the European GP in Valencia for a few years because it is boring and goes against what Bernie wants, which is for no country to have two races. This is part of the reason why Germany switches between both of its tracks. All I’m saying is that the European GP should be moved out of Spain because 1) I think it’s a bad race, and 2) it really does go against what Bernie is trying to accomplish, and if it stays there, it will only reinforce the fact that he is a senile old bat who has lost touch with the sport and how it should be run.

Also, in preparation for the arrivals of the team’s new car designs, here is a good slide show of ten of the weirdest F1 cars ever to take to the track. The unmistakeable Tyrrell P34 and the March 711 are both crazy faves of mine.


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