One Month Left

There are officially only 30 days left until the start of the 2011 Formula One season and the biggest question I have right now isn’t about which team will fight for the title, or how the new tires will hold up, or even how the new, longer schedule and new tracks will affect the season. No, the only question I am asking right now is why the hell was Robert Kubica risking his life to drive a rally car when he knows, KNOWS, that the team counts on him as their #1 driver for the season and is (was) their best shot at getting points?!? I just don’t understand how drivers aren’t contractually obligated to simply stay out of trouble when they don’t need to be in it. They should get enough of this adrenaline and racing out of their system during the testing season and then in the race season itself. But some people are just too pent up or just have that need to go out and take risks driving rally cars when they should be focused on the sport that they are being paid to perform in. You don’t see football players or baseball players going out and ice skating when they are about to begin training camp or the night before a big game! And that is because it is written into their contracts and they are being paid a ridiculous amount of money to actually be part of the team, that they should have the common sense to not be doing anything overly dangerous in the first place. But not with Kubica. He is a rising talent and has a ton of potential to do well, but because of the crash and the multiple fractures in his arm (which a six hour surgery tried to help) it is probable that he will miss the entire 2011 F1 season now.

I get that rally cars are fun to drive, but dude, whizzing past trees and concrete barriers at over 100 mph can go awfully wrong very quickly, which you just found out. Hopefully Renault can figure out someone to replace him with, or he can get better before the start of the season, but both of those hopes are probably not going to come true for them.


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