For Once, I Agree With Bernie

FINALLY BERNIE YOU ARE STARTING TO MAKE SENSE IN YOUR SENILE OLD AGE! Ecclestone says that he is keen to see the installation of artificial sprinkler systems on the sides of the track to liven up the show and have more wet races. Everyone in Formula One knows that when it rains, the spectacle takes a giant leap forward. Not only does a wet track improve overtaking maneuvers and increase the chance of driver error, it would add a huge strategy change to the overall race, especially if we are talking about a random spraying of the track during the race. When it rains, the grid becomes shuffled. The best drivers end up in places they wouldn’t normally be and the backmarkers can actually get points or fight for podium positions. It isn’t uncommon during a wet race to see some really odd results at the checkered flag and for the sake of the show it would be a great thing to see. However, I know this really is just another wacky idea that will never happen, but at least it’s one that I can get behind and support. And that is not something I normally say when Bernie opens his mouth. I say bring on the sprinklers and lets make it rain in Formula One. Read more here.


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