Malaysia Predictions: Hoping for a Wet Race

Turns out that this year looks like it’s going to be a complete repeat of last year. Red Bull is currently running at a pace that will see them destroy the competition if the other teams can’t get their acts together. Closest right now (at least based on practice and the last race) is McLaren, and then it could be either Mercedes or Renault depending on what improvements they made to their cars. Ferrari seems to be languishing in the bottom of the top, or the top of the middle contenders, depending on how you view it. Alonso has already said this weekend is going to be difficult for them, and that does not bode well at all. Of course, the big thing with this race track is the unpredictability of the weather. Malaysia produces wet races quite regularly, and this year could be no exception. If the rain does happen to start falling, don’t be shocked to see a McLaren take the checkered flag and for some names to pop up in the points that do not normally belong there. So, what I’m going to do for this group of finishers is throw out convention and predict a wet race, and toss in a bunch of names that don’t belong.

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Michael Schumacher

4. Fernando Alonso

5. Nick Heidfeld

6. Nico Rosberg

7. Jenson Button

8. Jaime Alguersuari

9. Vitaly Petrov

10. Kamui Kobayashi


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