Turkish Grand Prix Review

Well, as usual, I was waaaay off in my predictions. The Red Bulls were somewhat sandbagging perhaps in practice, then came out and demolished qualifying and in the race Vettel once again blew past anyone who even tried to have a go at him by basically driving into the distance and never looking back. Behind him, there were some great battles on the track with the revitalized Ferrari of Alonso and the Red Bull of Webber doing battle, and further back, the two McLarens had a couple of dicey laps as well. This was a race for the record books too, as there were a total of 80 pitstops over the course of the grand prix. There were also some great passes and actually a decent amount of action for a dry weather race. A lot of that comes down to the circuit as well though. Turkey is one of those rare tracks that is new, but because of the elevation changes and the amazing turn 8, has a fantastic appeal to both drivers and spectators. However, it is currently on the chopping block for upcoming years, which is a shame as it provides much better racing than someplace like China or Bahrain, yet probably won’t be back on the calendar because of money reasons. If it is the last race, at least it was fairly memorable for a dry race without any accidents. Here are the results.

1. Sebastian Vettel

2. Mark Webber

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Lewis Hamilton

5. Nico Rosberg

6. Jenson Button

7. Nick Heidfeld

8. Vitaly Petrov

9. Sebastian Buemi

10. Kamui Kobayashi


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