Spanish Grand Prix Predictions

So this weekend in Barcelona looks like it could be a closer fight for the win and the podium for all concerned. The tires that were brought in for this race are the “super hard” compound, and they are being labeled as disastrous by a few drivers in the field including Lewis Hamilton who says he is 2.5 seconds a lap slower on them because he is sliding all over and that they don’t actually add any more laps to the pace because of the massive degradation. Fernando Alonso is on the fence about them as well, saying that it will take around four stops to get through the race and that many teams will be taking out the softer tires for the first session of qualifying even. It remains to be seen what happens during the race of course, but with some more upgrades to the Ferrari and the Red Bulls still looking strong, this really could be a closer fight. Plus, with the Catalunya Circuit boasting the longest DRS zone of the year to date, there will probably be some good opportunities for passing into the first corner – which is downhill – and also some good chances for crashes and wrecks for once this season. The racing will hopefully be tight and here is how I think the finishers will shape up.

1. Jenson Button

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Mark Webber

5. Lewis Hamilton

6. Nico Rosberg

7. Felipe Massa

8. Michael Schumacher

9. Vitaly Petrov

10. Kamui Kobayashi

I see Button winning only because he is very, very good at taking care of his tires in bad conditions and Lewis is certainly not known for being easy on tires or I would probably put him higher. I think that the Red Bulls will again dominate in qualifying, but that the race pace will see them slip down the order. Alonso just signed a contract until 2016 and is front of his home crowd, so I see him doing better than most expect and he will get on the podium in a close fight to the finish with Vettel. As for the rest, well, they are just there because that is normally where they end up finishing really.

Also, in three weeks I will heading to Montreal to the Canadian Grand Prix and can’t wait to see what the Great White North has in store for the F1 Circus!


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