Monaco Grand Prix Results

One week. One more excruciating week until I board a flight for Montreal to see my first F1 race in six years. I am suitably excited because of the action that took place this past weekend in Monaco. The Monaco Grand Prix was one of the best of the season, and certainly one of the most exciting to ever take place around the streets of the principality.

At the start, there was frantic action up front as Vettel rocketed away from the pack. Toward the middle, Schumacher and Hamilton were having a great battle that resulted in a very ballsy pass by Hamilton into Ste Devote. And while Vettel, Button and Alonso began to separate themselves from the rest of the pack, Hamilton then got into it with Massa about halfway through the race, running into him at the hairpin. On the next lap, Massa got into the built up rubber pebbles in the tunnel and he smacked the wall hard, destroying his suspension and his race. Hamilton would eventually get a drive-through penalty and his race would be effectively over. However, up front, it was coming down to the final few laps, as both Button and Alonso had made multiple stops, while Vettel was attempting to finish the race having made only one stop. This was uncharted territory for the Pirelli tires, as he was trying to make them last for over 55 laps! However, with only six laps to go, a three-car pile up occurred at the swimming pool complex with Vitaly Petrov having to be taken away in the back of an ambulance (he was later released having suffered no severe injuries) and the race being red-flagged. This ultimately brought up a weird rule that had been changed for this season. In years past, if a race had gone past 75% of the race distance, it would be called off if red-flagged. However, it seems that that rule had been phased out and the race was going to continue after the cars were cleaned up and the track was ready to go. As the cars sat on the grid, they all received attention from their mechanics, and, in another odd twist, the used tires were allowed to be swapped out for new ones. What this meant is that the very worn tires that Vettel had been using and abusing for many laps were allowed to be switched, resulting in a very normal ending to an exciting race. Had that accident not have happened, Alonso even said he would have tried to make a move, as it wouldn’t have mattered to him if he were to have crashed. Also, had that accident not occurred, who knows how much longer Vettel could have raced on those tires. Would they have burst? Would Alonso have made that move? Would Button have pushed both of them into a mistake? Would all that traffic have affected the running order? No one can say, but the fact of the matter is that with the tires being changed on the grid before the restart, there was not going to be any more heat on Vettel from the Ferrari or the McLaren. Thankfully, if this happens again in the future, Pirelli has said they support not being able to change the tires on the grid, making the final few laps that much more exciting for the audience, and that much more excruciating for the drivers. As it ended up though, I did get the first two podium positions correct and just mixed up 3rd and 4th. I’m fairly pleased with my predictions on this one! Here is how the Monaco Grand Prix finished.

1. Sebastian Vettel

2. Fernando Alonso

3. Jenson Button

4. Mark Webber

5. Kamui Kobayashi

6. Lewis Hamilton

7. Adrian Sutil

8. Nick Heidfeld

9. Rubens Barrichello

10. Sebastian Buemi


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Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Monaco F1 Grand Prix

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