No, really?

Concerns over timing of US Grand Prix

Hmmm, now, who brought this up when this race was originally planned? Let me think here… uh…. oh yeah I DID! OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO BE INSANELY HOT! IT’S SOUTH TEXAS IN JUNE!! GOOD LORD YOU IDIOTS WHO PLANNED THAT OUT?!

Although technically it is just a proposed date, it coincides with Montreal too well for them to go somewhere outside of North America and come back later. The logistics are too much and the expense would not be worth it. They have three options then. They can stick it out and pray that somehow Texas isn’t sweltering and no one dies of heat stroke, they can come back and race some other time in the fall or spring and just deal with the logistics and money, or they can move both the Canadian and the US GP dates to another season (but Canada has always been in June and that would throw some people off as well). They have some choices to make about what to do with that, but my thought is that they will just deal with it and see what happens. Therefore, next season I’m predicting lots of sunburns, sunstroke and some fainting in the stands from excessive heat.


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