German Grand Prix Results

Well, aside from Button not being in the top 10 because of a hydraulics problem, I did pretty well in my predictions this week. Sure, not all of them are right on the money, but I did get nine of the 10 correct. Anyway, the race came down to pit stops once again and the Ferrari team just couldn’t cut it. With both Alonso and Massa in contention for finishing one spot higher than each eventually finished, their teams ended up being just slightly slower than the McLaren and Red Bull crews when push came to shove. In the end, it was a good, if not bewilderingly great finish for Hamilton, who reckoned that the McLaren was about a second slower on low fuel, but who managed to put it on the front row and then go on to victory ahead of Alonso. I thought Mark Webber would really do better in this race, but then I forgot that he can’t get off the line as fast as the others, but he did end up beating Sebastian Vettel, who had a bad race (mostly caused by an unforced spin) to come home fourth. Already there is another race next weekend, at the tight and demanding Hungaroring. The teams say that the track there is very close, set-up wise, to the Monaco circuit, so I look for the Red Bull and Ferrari to be more dominant once again. Here is the finishing order.

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Fernando Alonso

3. Mark Webber

4. Sebastian Vettel

5. Felipe Massa

6. Adrian Sutil

7. Nico Rosberg

8. Michael Schumacher

9. Kamui Kobayashi

10. Vitaly Petrov


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