Senna In and Ferrari’s F150 Italia Out

In an odd bit of coincidence with the release of the documentary on his uncle titled “SENNA” in Minneapolis (where this is being written), Bruno Senna will take over the Renault seat from the underperforming – and now badly nicknamed – “Quick” Nick Heidfeld. Apparently, the veteran Heidfeld wasn’t going along quite like his moniker suggests and the Renault team are seeing to it that he is replaced by Senna for the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend. The team is, of course, without their number one driver Robert Kubica this season after an accident before the start of the season, and now the team will field Vitaly Petrov as the number one, and Senna as the number two driver after bringing in Heidfeld at the start of the season because of his knowledge and superior driving record.

In other team news, it seems as though Ferrari has finally decided to throw in the towel for this season and are now working on what they are calling a “very innovative” 2012 title challenger. Although they say that they are not giving up on this season’s vehicle, the reality is that they will have very, very few new upgrades to it as they begin to pour all their resources into next season’s vehicle. Team principal Stefano Domenicali is saying that work on the 2012 car is already well under way and that it will be very innovative, and has to be, because their goal is to win right out of the gates. After slow starts the last couple of years, Ferrari need all the help they can get and with them having a quick car next season, from the start, it should be a nice three – or four if Mercedes can get their act together – way fight from when the lights go out.


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