Italian Grand Prix Predictions

Well, this is getting a little embarrassing now. In fact, this season is turning into such a domination by the German driver Sebastian Vettel, that you would think it was 2002 all over again and this is just a mini-Schumacher in the cockpit and the red car had held its breath too long and turned blue. But that was how he has been advertised, and he’s certainly living up to the hype. Sebastian Vettel once again grabbed pole position, his 10th of the season, ahead of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. His lap time was half a second quicker than the McLarens of Hamilton and Button. I find that astonishing. He is supernatural sometimes and I am pegging him for the win. At some point I am sure he will be passed, as there are two separate DRS zones this race, but in the end, his Red Bull will simply be too strong for all the other cars. As for the other runners, Ferrari is obviously now fully committed to their 2012 car and whatever points they can scrape together are just to be spoiling other racers days, but in the end, they will not be placing additional modifications on the cars come other races. The Renault of Petrov was surprisingly quick, beating out both Mercedes, but it’s a long race and I think that the Mercedes will move their way up the board. I also think that the Force India cars, which have always been known for being very fast in a straight line and not that quick on twisty circuits, will come up a bit and Sutil will get some points.

1. Sebastian Vettel

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Jenson Button

5. Mark Webber

6. Felipe Massa

7. Michael Schumacher

8. Nico Rosberg

9. Adrian Sutil

10. Vitaly Petrov



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