IndyCar crash in Las Vegas [UPDATE]

I don’t normally watch IndyCar, but this horrible crash just happened about 45 minutes to an hour ago and Dan Wheldon is in serious condition at a local hospital. This is a horrific crash and hopefully everyone comes out all right. If they do all come away from this, it will speak volumes about crash safety and cockpit safety. But it is still hard to imagine no one being seriously hurt from what I see in the video.

[UPDATE] Unfortunately, someone was seriously injured in this crash. Dan Wheldon succumbed to his injuries sustained in the accident. This is a tough day for his family, his fans and all the other drivers in IndyCar. Like I said, I don’t watch the sport itself, but I can sympathize with all of the drivers and all of the other people who do watch the sport, because dying in sports is so far removed from people’s consciousnesses that it doesn’t enter your mind that it could happen. It was evident as soon as the driver’s walked out of the meeting what had happened. All you needed to do was watch Tony Kanaan’s face, one of Dan Wheldon’s good friends, to see just what had happened. As I was waiting for an update, all I could think was that no news is almost always bad news, and in this case, it proved the rule.

Dan Wheldon 22 June 1978 – October 16, 2011


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