Indian Grand Prix Thoughts and Results

Well, the first every Indian Grand Prix just took place and everyone is calling it a huge success! But of course they would because they want to generate buzz and hype and make it out to be better than it was so that Indian doesn’t become the next Turkey, or Korea. But let’s get down to brass tacks here, this race was BORING. My god was it dull. If we face the true facts they end up looking like this: Vettel stormed off into the distance again, the passing on the track was dull and unexciting and didn’t come that often, and the only meaningful pass for a position happened in the pits when Alonso overtook Webber. Sure, Schumacher had a big day coming through the field, but even he wasn’t highlighted that much of the race. I don’t really care how great the track is to drive for the racers because the fans are the ones who turn up or tune in to watch, and if nothing happens, why am I watching? At least the typical Massa v Hamilton fight came into being again.

And I know that its great when a driver can get the grand slam (pole position, leading every lap and fastest lap) but that’s not exciting. If there is no change for the lead… AT ALL, then I’m not going to be very interested. Sure, it’s the end of the season and the points no longer truly matter, but still, there was no drama or story to this race, and I was unenthralled. And I’ll just say this one more time, but just because the drivers love the “rhythm” they can get into doesn’t mean that fans will find it interesting to watch. That whole section where they find that rhythm is single-file only and that makes for very uninteresting viewing. I really hope there is more of a story next year, because if no one is going to put up a fight or challenge anyone for a position, then what’s the point in racing? But I digress. Hopefully the championship can come right down to the wire again next year, as it has in year’s past, so that the title isn’t out of reach when new tracks are being ushered in. I think that is another major factor. If the title is still up for grabs, this race has a lot more implications, but it didn’t have anything to suck the viewer in with. Either way, hopefully it sticks around because if it ends up like those other tracks, it will be a big disappointment. Here’s how they finished.

1. Sebastian Vettel

2. Jenson Button

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Mark Webber

5. Michael Schumacher

6. Nico Rosberg

7. Lewis Hamilton

8. Jaime Alguersuari

9. Adrian Sutil

10. Sergio Perez


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