Work Comes To Screeching Halt In Austin!

I know I’m an eternal pessimist, but c’mon, I’ve been saying this thing ain’t getting off the ground for a year or two now. I will not be convinced of any Grand Prix taking place in these United States until loud, buzzing engines are making people put earplugs in on a Friday morning. Here are two news stories that have just broken today.

Austin GP construction grinds to a halt

Ecclestone on verge of scrapping Austin Grand Prix

Take what you will from each of them, but this isn’t looking good. There have been rumors of this for a few weeks now, but it is starting to look officially official that there is just going to be a bunch of dirt moved around for no reason in the middle of Texas. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to see this Grand Prix take place, but I’m on the verge of saying I saw this coming from a mile away.

United States Grand Prix?

United States Grand Prix?


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