2012 Australian Grand Prix Predictions

It’s been a long, grueling winter (well, not so much here in Minnesota, but it was cold a few times) but we are finally back to hearing those sweetly sonorous engine notes that vibrate your soul. The winter times that the teams laid down are not very indicative of what we will see in this race, and in fact, neither were the times in Friday practice, so nothing is really known at this point. What is suspected, is that the Red Bulls are still going to be dominant, with McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes edging ever closer to them. However, with Mercedes patented new F-duct system to help with top speed and Ferrari’s supposed problems with the car, I think that it will take longer than a single race to get it all sorted for everyone. There are now 20 races this year, so there is tons of time for a team to make a bad start and get it all gathered in, but it also very hard to actually do that. If a car is sorted at the start of the season, it will generally run well throughout.

We are also going to see that the midfield teams are much closer this year, so if they make some strides, we could see the likes of Force India, Lotus, Sauber, Williams and even Caterham edging into the points more often. I have my top ten below, but of course, all of this is total speculation as the slate is totally clean and there is very little data to go on. I think Vettel, despite not being happy with the car right now, will take this opening round, and that it will be a hard-fought battle through the rest of the pack for the remaining points. I don’t think he gets out to the huge start he normally does, but I do think that he takes the checkered flag in Melbourne. Finally! Let’s go racing!

1. Sebastian Vettel

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Mark Webber

5. Jenson Button

6. Michael Schumacher

7. Kimi Raikkonen

8. Paul di Resta

9. Felipe Massa

10. Heikki Kovalainen


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