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Bernie’s Hypocrisy and Odd F1 Cars

It was revealed in a recent letter that the proposed GP in Rome will most likely never happen. This is due to F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone stating that one race per country is enough and that the Monza circuit would have precedence over Rome in the new 20 race schedule. However, as I look over the calendar, I notice that there is a country with two Grands Prix in it currently. Spain. They have both the Spanish GP and the European GP. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have been constantly berating the European GP in Valencia for a few years because it is boring and goes against what Bernie wants, which is for no country to have two races. This is part of the reason why Germany switches between both of its tracks. All I’m saying is that the European GP should be moved out of Spain because 1) I think it’s a bad race, and 2) it really does go against what Bernie is trying to accomplish, and if it stays there, it will only reinforce the fact that he is a senile old bat who has lost touch with the sport and how it should be run.

Also, in preparation for the arrivals of the team’s new car designs, here is a good slide show of ten of the weirdest F1 cars ever to take to the track. The unmistakeable Tyrrell P34 and the March 711 are both crazy faves of mine.


Arnoux vs. Villenueve

Well, it’s a pretty slow week leading up to the Singapore GP, so I figured I would post this. I am doing this for two reasons. The first is that I finally realized I could embed videos, and the second is that this is probably the greatest on track battle ever seen… and it wasn’t even for a win. The 1979 French GP had a duel for second place between Rene Arnoux and Gilles Villenueve that would prove just who was the more daring man. Notice in the video how many times the two bang wheels and sidepods together without breaking anything. If anyone tried that in this day in age, they would wind up like Hamilton at Monza – which is to say, out of the race with a broken suspension. Also, that has to be the ballsiest braking maneuver I’ve ever witnessed. Video includes the final four laps in their entirety.

A Full Grid? It’s Looking That Way

Some of you may be delighted to hear that the former Honda squad is going to be doing winter testing, and that means that they will more than likely be on the grid in Melbourne. Apparently, because no formal buyer came forward for the team, the management at the former Honda team got the go-ahead to buy the team outright. Ross Brawn got the approval from the Honda board of directors and the team will run a blank white livery for now and testing and then have the sponsors on the car when the season starts. For those who don’t care, this will mean nothing, but for F1 fans, it means that a full grid will be on display and that we will still have 20 cars racing, plus we get to see if Honda’s claims that their car was going to be a frontrunner was just puffery or not. (If it isn’t I’m sure the Mercedes engines will get the blame).

While the driver lineup has yet you be finalized, it may just turn out that Jenson Button will be paired with either Rubens Barrichello or Bruno Senna. The engines will be supplied by Mercedes it sounds like and the name of the team may end up being “Brackley F1.” That is the place where in England where the team is based, for those who don’t know. This name is not confirmed as yet, but it works for me…well, whatever they name it will work for me because I just want all the cars back on the grid. And it seems more likely than ever that that will happen.