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2012 Grand Prix of Monaco Results

What can I say? I tried to get cutesie with my pick and it came back to bite me as the Grand Prix of Monaco became just another parade lap with the pole sitter taking the victory. There was the threat of rain, but of course, the skies didn’t open up until about five minutes after the race was won. How exciting would that have been? If that downpour had happened just 10 minutes earlier… well, we would have had quite a different race on our hands. As it ended up though, we did get our sixth different winner from six races, and now both Vettel and Webber are tied on points, while Fernando’s third place finish has him out in front… just. Really though, the Grand Prix of Monaco has always been more about brokering deals and the spectacle of the town rather than the race. Honestly, when was the last truly epic race there? The last vivid memory I have of any race there was in 2009, and that was AFTER the race when Button parked in the wrong spot and had to run the entire length of the front straight to collect his trophy.

Either way, the season is shaping up to continue to be unpredictable. And with the next race usually being the undisputed best race of the season in Canada (Montreal is both an amazing city and provides some of the best on track action the entire year) we are going to be in for even more unpredictability. Can Hamilton shake off his funk and become the seventh winner in seven races? What about the turn of speed that Massa just showed. And how about Kimi or Schumacher or Grosjean (if the last two can stay out of trouble that is). All I know is that I wish I were back in Canada like last year, because it is always a spectacular time… even if it does rain for over two hours non-stop and I almost develop hypothermia and end up standing in a porta-potty just to retain warmth, wait out the rain and wring out my sopping clothes!

1. Mark Webber

2. Nico Rosberg

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Sebastian Vettel

5. Lewis Hamilton

6. Felipe Massa

7. Paul di Resta

8. Nico Hulkenberg

9. Kimi Raikkonen

10. Bruno Senna


Qualifying Spec Only Tires?

Pirelli is apparently thinking of reintroducing some super SUPER soft tires that are good for only one flying lap during qualifying. Formula One has had qualifying spec tires in the past, most recently during the 1991 season, and they were in the sport mainly because there was a tire war going on at that time between the various tire manufacturers and each wanted their tires to be on pole position. Pirelli say that the qualifying spec tire would add to the show and be a no holds barred, perfect lap tire to add to the spectacle of qualifying and would be up to two seconds a lap quicker than the softest tire they currently have. They also think it could be a solution to the problem of drivers staying in the pits during Q3 and not even setting a time so that they have a fresh set of tires during the race. However, I have to agree once again with Bernie (this agreeing with him is getting a little out of hand recently) in that, if the sport wants the drivers to be out during Q3, maybe the supplier should bring more sets of tires for them to use. This way, the drivers could do more laps for the fans and for set up purposes and still be able to have a fresh set or two for the race itself. I don’t think that we need that one shot qualifying like we had in the past. Most everyone agrees that one shot, one lap qualifying was stupid, and that’s what is going to happen if you introduce these tires to the Formula One field. Leave qualifying how it is Pirelli, and just bring more tires!