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2012 Canadian Grand Prix Preview

That time of year is upon us. I can’t believe it’s been one full year since I was sitting in a grandstand in the Senna S curve watching Formula One cars and getting a great tan. This weekend, despite the protesters wishes, the whole of Montreal will be reverberating to the sounds of 2.4 liter V8 engines as the best drivers take to the Circuit Gilles Villenueve. I am actually glad not to be there this year because of those hoodlums, but I still always wish I could be anywhere that sweet, sweet sound is being made. Anyway, let’s get right to it. As always, Lewis Hamilton looks quick, and we know he generally likes this track (he took his maiden win here). Over one lap, both he and the two (surprisingly enough) Ferraris looks to be the front runners for this race. However, the Mercedes has been decidedly slow all weekend and may have something up its sleeve for qualifying and the race. I also wouldn’t count out Vettel, who seems to be liking the Red Bull, despite its lack of straight line speed.

We also know that Montreal is probably going to give us the best racing of the year, so enjoy it while you can. With multiple spots to pass (the Senna curves, the hairpin, into the final corner, etc), the ever present threat of unpredictable weather – remember the two hour rain delay because of the torrential downpour last year when I almost developed hypothermia? Well I certainly do – a possible one-stop strategy, crashes and safety cars, this is going to be a great race.

1. Fernando Alonso

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Felipe Massa

4. Sebastian Vettel

5. Nico Rosberg

6. Jenson Button

7. Roman Grosjean

8. Kimi Raikkonen

9. Michael Schumacher

10. Kamui Kobayashi


Race 12: Hungarian Grand Prix

I am posting this a few days later than normal only because there is now a month break until the next race at Spa in Belgium. But last weekend, Formula One took to Hungary and Mark Webber came away as the winner. The race was actually fairly entertaining and had some surprising results. At the start, Sebastian Vettel simply speared away from the rest of the runners, while Fernando Alonso got past Webber and into second position. The top runners began to slowly creep away from the rest of the field, until the pit stops.

Some of the pit stops were premature for most of the runners, as the safety car was deployed due to debris on the track. And that is when all hell broke loose. In the pits, it was bedlam as Robert Kubica was released into the pit lane, only to have Adrian Sutil run straight into him while attempting to get into his pit stall. At the exact same moment, Nico Rosberg exited the pits, but his right rear wheel came off and bounded down the pit lane, leaving scrambling pit crews running for cover as it took flight and bounced down the pits, eventually being caught by a mechanic, who was treated for injuries to his ribs later on. Meanwhile, on the track, Webber decided not to pit and kept the soft tires on his Red Bull. With Vettel in second place, it looked to be Vettel’s race to win, but he made a blunder and ended up losing it.

After the restart, Vettel was brought under investigation for holding up the train of cars behind him by violating the ten car length rule. Basically if you are holding back more than ten car lengths behind the car in front of you, you are in violation of the rules and will be penalized. Vettel probably did not know about this rule, and was very angry during the penalty, which came down in the form of a drive through. This moved him behind Fernando Alonso, who could not close the gap between him and Webber, and who eventually made his one stop with enough time to get in and out of the pits while retaining the lead. Staying out on his option tires for over half the race benefited Webber so much, that he not only won the race, but with Hamilton’s retirement, now owns the top spot in the driver’s championship. However, with 25 points going to first place, it is still wide open for the championship as only 20 points separate the top five drivers. Also, with the retirements of Kubica, Hamilton, Rosberg and Schumacher not making the top ten, my results are sort of messed up, but the top four I had right (just not the correct order), but it really was all Ferrari and Red Bull last weekend, so that wasn’t too much of a stretch.

1. Mark Webber

2. Fernando Alonso

3. Sebastian Vettel

4. Felipe Massa

5. Vitaly Petrov

6. Nico Hulkenberg

7. Pedro de la Rosa

8. Jenson Button

9. Kamui Kobayashi

10. Rubens Barrichello

Now, here is what I had for results. As I said, I had the top four correct, but after that, those retirements really hurt me with my predictions. Now I just have to find something to do for the next four weeks.

1. Sebastian Vettel

2. Fernando Alonso

3. Felipe Massa

4. Mark Webber

5. Jenson Button

6. Robert Kubica

7. Lewis Hamilton

8. Vitaly Petrov

9. Nico Rosberg

10. Michael Schumacher