Indian GP Track Layout

So, a race to be held in India huh? This is something I just don’t know about. Once again, Bernie has some big dollar signs flashing in front of his eyes, but that doesn’t mean people will show up and that the race won’t become just another one of the many that loses money every year instead of making it. Sure, it will be profitable for maybe the first few years, but what about after that? Will the government support it? Will the fans attend? How many people in India are wealthy enough to afford to go to a Formula One race? I don’t know, but I bet it’s not as many are can afford to go to a race in Europe, or, hell, AMERICA! But whatever. Bernie will do as Bernie wants to do. So if there is going to be a race in India, I’m sure the first time it will be special, and then it will just end up smelling like curry with cars driving by. Decide for yourself, but I think it’s a huge mistake – though I guess I think everything Bernie does is generally a mistake. Below is the layout plans for the track. It does look like there could be some good passing opportunities, but most tracks look that way until you actually see them up close and personal and the cars are actually running on them.

Layout for Indian GP Circuit


5 responses to “Indian GP Track Layout

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  2. You’re an idiot! There are nothing wrong with indians!!!

  3. what an idiot this guy is. living in a cuckoo land m sure. India is going places, india along with china are surely becoming the econamic powers and some idiot westereners are strugling to digest it thats all. There are probably more rich people in just delhi city than whole of england, but the key is the interest in the sport.

  4. u suck dick head

  5. Very constructive criticism by some on here. I’d like for the track to prove me wrong. I mean, just take a look at Korea. They are already hurting after just two years on the calendar and don’t figure to be around for too much longer if they continue to go the way they seem to be. And for this inaugural race, there were still over 40,000 tickets available and there was a stray dog running on the track endangering the safety of the drivers already! If the Buddh Circuit can get it’s act together and have the country and it’s fans support it, then great, it seems like the driver’s like it. But if it can’t, it will become just another once-run track like so many others. Let’s not forget that a ton of hoopla and a new track that driver’s love doesn’t make a race stay around forever. Turkey is a prime example of that. Personally, I have major reservations about many new tracks, including the one in Austin and, if they go for it, the one in New Joisey as well. Again, those tracks could be spectacular, but if there’s no vested interest, if the fans don’t show up, then they will also become one less stop on the F1 calendar. I wish the circuit nothing but luck, but, honestly, the odds are stacked against it, just as they are with any new track that enters the F1 three-ring circus.

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