Time for a great old race

So what should we expect with the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit as the next stop on the Grand Prix calendar? Supposedly, rain! Will my predictions of better racing when rain rears its head come true, or will Mr. Hamilton just end up running rings around all others? If the news sources are to be believed, there is a 50% chance of rain for Thursday through Sunday. If it does rain, expect it to be very, very wet.

I have been to the Spa circuit and all of the things that you have ever read or heard about the track are true. It is a scary, exhilarating, spine-tingling, awesome place. And if it does get wet, then people had better watch out. There are so many ups and downs, blind corners and flat-out sections that this is the one track where it being wet is a very scary thought.

In other news, Ferrari seem to think that they have figured out their engine problems (gee, I think I heard that before Kimi’s engine exploded last race too), while Lewis says that Felipe’s little tear that he has been on as of late is about to end. Hamilton figures that because the tires will be the Bridgestone hard and medium compounds that his car will be more suited to the tires. If we base this race solely on last years race, then Massa will finish ahead of Hamilton. But last year Bridgestone brought the medium and soft compound tires to Spa, so who knows what will happen? Of course this is all speculation on what is certain to be 1,000% better than that poor excuse for a race two weeks ago.

An old-style track in the forests of Eastern Belgium is the setting for what should be a great race. Here’s hoping that the action is fast and furious and that Felipe wins from pole with Lewis and McLaren limping around like a sick dog.


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